Grease Trap Cleaning

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Grease Trap Cleaning

No matter what area of food service or manufacture you’re in, waste is something you’ll be keenly aware and may be finding expensive and difficult to manage.

There are ever increasing layers of legislation and increasing costs of disposal while the penalties for non compliance are increasing at the same time as more stringent requirements are placed on waste producers.

Caterers and food producers should also be aware of the implications of the law relating to the clearing and cleaning of grease traps.

Pump- It Environmental Services have years of experience in the collection and processing of food waste and offer a service to clients across the catering and processing industry.

We have a range of tankers suitable to pump out and clean grease traps and can offer regular maintenance or emergency services.

grease trap cleaning by pump-it
Vac Cleaning of Grease Trap
grease trap cleaning by pump-it
Washing Grease Trap

Whatever your requirements Pump- It Environmental Services can help.

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